Syd Kult - LP

by Syd Kult

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Recorded, mixed and mastered at Squat' Studio, by Yohann François, between June and September 2016.


released January 27, 2017

Music and Lyrics by Cyril Delaunay.
Except "Dead Love", music by Cyril Delaunay and Yohann François.

Cyril Delaunay: Vocals, Guitars, bass, keyboards, piano, clap, arr. for strings
Yohann François: Piano, keyboards, arr. for strings, programming
Frédéric Scipion: Drums on 1, 5, 7, 10
Gaëlle Durand: Violin on 1, 3, 7, 9



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Syd Kult Paris, France

Formed in 2013 around the parisian area, Syd Kult is an indie-rock project – lead by Cyril as founder, architect and main composer – which describes its work as “Deep Rock”.

Somewhere beyond influences from various major bands and artists such as Alice In Chains,
Radiohead, Marilyn Manson or Depeche Mode, Syd Kult quickly found its own musical path.
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Track Name: Heroes End
I woke up dead
There’s a hole in my head
Heroes End

Bells ring from Hell
Don’t know what to say
The Sun is out of my way

Ain’t no place to hide from yourself

Look, the vultures around
Falling down from the sky
Blind men on the ground

Gods of Darkness
Unchain my mind
And we’re left behind

Ain’t no place to hide from yourself

Here comes a new dawn
All I ever needed is dead inside
We ride the light and see the world as evil eye
We fight, we dive, welcome to the Heroes End
Track Name: Hangin' Tree
Round' the hangin' tree, i've lost my sanity
My memories are gone
Round' the hangin' tree, time is like the Wind
A cold breeze raised the dawn
Round' the hangin' tree, nothing is real
Except your dreams come alive
Round' the hangin' tree, time is like the Wind
A cold breeze raised the dawn

And i'll never let it go
Track Name: Sweet Elevation
In the ancient times of loneliness
I met you and you struck my face
I forgot to spent my time in vain
Bring it back to the flames

Oh please, get down on your knees
When you feel this shake your heart bleeds
And i want you to get Inside

Understand my pain
Feel my cup again
Reveal to my brain
The meaning of life
Silent voices spread
All Inside of my head
Am i alive or dead?
Sweet Elevation

The more you take the more you give
Hold on the past before we left
This sound is good don't make a check
No lie no fake
Track Name: Lullaby
Kiss my lips
Beyond the realm of bliss
Your lullaby fades away
But never dies
I gave you life my creation
Still a burden of submission
Remember this lullaby

She's only made of sand
And vanished in the rain
I'll never be the same
Don't say goodbye
Just remember this lullaby
Track Name: Dead Love
Dead Love
Cold love

I lay down and you shine
Empty spaces where your soul comes alive

Dead Love, i feel untied
Dead love, i never cry
We just say goodbye

Dead Love
Cold Love
In this house where the Wind blows from the shadows
Track Name: Already Down
Haunt me, love me
I need your taste
Give me some rest

Then i swallow your waves of fire
Pain becomes desire
No one's gonna take me high
Black is all i need tonight
And i'm already down

Darkness, helpless
Darkness i need your taste
Give me some rest
Track Name: The Spell
Turn off the light
Close your eyes and take my hands
Don't ever look back
And never use your own name
I wanna show you, another way of life
A red moon will shine
Everywhere the Wind blows

We want you tonight
Don't be afraid of the dark

Stay, stay, stay, come and join us at the black carousel
Stay, stay, stay, nobody can break the spell

Some ghastly faces
Straing at you in the gloom
Deep in their eyes
Live a peace of mind

I never loved you anyway
Track Name: Space
I float into space
It feels like a lovely place
Silence is sweet friend
Time has come to rearrange

Alone in the haze
Raindrops all along the way
No sound from the deep and the wild
I feel safe for the first time

Everynight i look up to the sky
The stars reflect my own sunshine
I was born in a place
Where we hide from space

Circles, rings of light
Blind me and steal the night
No sound from the deep and the wild
I feel safe for the last time
Track Name: Silent Scream
I'd love to live alone in space
I could breathe, I could sleep
Still your strange voice into my head
I go down into the deep

We don't wanna live without you
We just wanna bleed Inside you
You don't have to hurt you anymore

Can you feel my hands around your neck?
I want you to be mine
Can you see the clouds above your head?
Let me be on your side

Stuck in my cell, locked insanity
When i come around I just got to be
All I've ever been is a silent scream

All i've ever been is a silent scream
Track Name: Another Season
Comes another season and I run and hide from the past, i am a moan
Comes another season my love and the sun brights so high, gimme one more time.

Comes another season and I need a reason to pass through days and nights
Comes another season and my only reason to stay is all gone

I can't wait
(Another season came after heavy rain)
I won't break
(Another season came and everything has changed)
I can't wait
Another season
I won't break
Another season came

There's another season and i don' t need a reason to change my fate anyway
There's another season and i got a smile on my face, what a beautiful day